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import tensorflow as tf
from baselines.common.distributions import make_pdtype
from collections import OrderedDict
from gym import spaces
def canonical_dtype(orig_dt):
if orig_dt.kind == 'f':
return tf.float32
elif orig_dt.kind in 'iu':
return tf.int32
raise NotImplementedError
# Define input placeholders
class StochasticPolicy(object):
def __init__(self, scope, ob_space, ac_space):
self.abs_scope = (tf.get_variable_scope().name + '/' + scope).lstrip('/')
self.ob_space = ob_space
self.ac_space = ac_space
self.pdtype = make_pdtype(ac_space)
self.ph_new = tf.placeholder(dtype=tf.float32, shape=(None, None), name='new')
self.ph_ob_keys = []
self.ph_ob_dtypes = {}
shapes = {}
if isinstance(ob_space, spaces.Dict):
assert isinstance(ob_space.spaces, OrderedDict)
for key, box in ob_space.spaces.items():
assert isinstance(box, spaces.Box)
# Keys must be ordered, because tf.concat(ph) depends on order. Here we don't keep OrderedDict
# order and sort keys instead. Rationale is to give freedom to modify environment.
for k in self.ph_ob_keys:
self.ph_ob_dtypes[k] = ob_space.spaces[k].dtype
shapes[k] = ob_space.spaces[k].shape
box = ob_space
assert isinstance(box, spaces.Box)
self.ph_ob_keys = [None]
self.ph_ob_dtypes = { None: box.dtype }
shapes = { None: box.shape }
self.ph_ob = OrderedDict([(k, tf.placeholder(
(None, None,) + tuple(shapes[k]),
name=(('obs/%s'%k) if k is not None else 'obs')
)) for k in self.ph_ob_keys ])
assert list(self.ph_ob.keys())==self.ph_ob_keys, "\n%s\n%s\n" % (list(self.ph_ob.keys()), self.ph_ob_keys)
ob_shape = tf.shape(next(iter(self.ph_ob.values())))
self.sy_nenvs = ob_shape[0]
self.sy_nsteps = ob_shape[1]
self.ph_ac = self.pdtype.sample_placeholder([None, None], name='ac')
self.ph_ret_ext = tf.placeholder(tf.float32, [None, None], name='ret_ext')
self.pd = self.vpred = self.ph_istate = None
def finalize(self, pd, vpred, ph_istate=None): #pylint: disable=W0221
self.pd = pd
self.vpred = vpred
self.ph_istate = ph_istate
def ensure_observation_is_dict(self, ob):
if self.ph_ob_keys==[None]:
return { None: ob }
return ob
def call(self, ob, new, istate):
Return acs, vpred, neglogprob, nextstate
raise NotImplementedError
def initial_state(self, n):
raise NotImplementedError
def update_normalization(self, ob):
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