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[[ Why's (Poignant) Guide to Ruby ]]
"Quite so," he said. "I went out to my car yesterday and there was a shoe in the passenger's
seat. A very battered oxford. Looking straight ahead like it needed a lift to the cobbler's.
I did a cavity search and came up with a crisp note from my deceased ancestor, the same
whose property I've looked after, lo, these many years."
"Wow," I said. And I glared at my shoe, at the things it would do when I'm gone.
You're pulling down your own master copy of my first book, a book I'm gallantly pursuing,
coding and drawing, tying into a bundle with wax and twine. This master copy is yours. You
can do most anything with it, I just ask you abide by the very simple and rather liberal
license for this text. (See the 'deed' portion of poignant.yml.)
=== Building HTML ===
You will need to install RedCloth. <>
You will also need to install the syntax gem.
To build the HTML version of this book:
ruby poignant.rb /path/to/output
The script isn't very full-featured. Please send me patches.
=== What This Package Includes ===
poignant.yml: The YAML text of the entire book. The entire book has been written using
Vim as my word processor and YAML as my document format. I also use Textile liberally
throughout the content.
poignant.rb: The script which formats output for the book. Currently, it only outputs
index.erb: An ERb template for the table of contents.
chapter.erb: An ERb template for the chapter pages.
expansion-pak.erb: An ERb template for expansion pages.
guide.css: A CSS file with fonts and colors.
i/: The images folder. Contains images at no larger than 800px. These images are
designed for the website. Eventually, I will add a folder with 300dpi images.