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// shoes/app.h
// Abstract windowing for GTK, Quartz (OSX) and Win32.
// This is really just a light wrapper around Cairo, which does most of the
// work anyway. I'm not sure why they don't do this for ya. Probably so I
// could do it in Shoes!!
#ifndef SHOES_APP_H
#define SHOES_APP_H
#include <cairo.h>
#include <ruby.h>
#include "shoes/canvas.h"
#include "shoes/code.h"
#include "shoes/config.h"
#define SHOES_APP_HEIGHT 500
#define SHOES_APP_WIDTH 600
#define SHOES_SHORTNAME "shoes"
#define SHOES_APPNAME "Shoes"
#define SHOES_VLCLASS "Shoes VLC"
#define SHOES_SLOTCLASS "Shoes Slot"
#define SHOES_HIDDENCLS "Shoes Hidden"
// abstract window struct
typedef struct _shoes_app {
cairo_t *scratch;
int width, height, mouseb, mousex, mousey,
resizable, hidden, started, fullscreen,
minwidth, minheight;
VALUE self;
VALUE canvas;
VALUE keypresses;
VALUE nestslot;
VALUE nesting;
VALUE extras;
VALUE styles;
VALUE groups;
ID cursor;
VALUE title;
VALUE location;
VALUE owner;
} shoes_app;
// function signatures
VALUE shoes_app_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_new(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_apps_get(VALUE);
int shoes_app_remove(shoes_app *);
VALUE shoes_app_get_title(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_set_title(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_get_fullscreen(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_set_fullscreen(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_slot(VALUE);
shoes_code shoes_app_start(VALUE, char *);
shoes_code shoes_app_open(shoes_app *, char *);
shoes_code shoes_app_loop(void);
shoes_code shoes_app_visit(shoes_app *, char *);
shoes_code shoes_app_paint(shoes_app *);
shoes_code shoes_app_motion(shoes_app *, int, int);
shoes_code shoes_app_click(shoes_app *, int, int, int);
shoes_code shoes_app_release(shoes_app *, int, int, int);
shoes_code shoes_app_wheel(shoes_app *, ID, int, int);
shoes_code shoes_app_keydown(shoes_app *, VALUE);
shoes_code shoes_app_keypress(shoes_app *, VALUE);
shoes_code shoes_app_keyup(shoes_app *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_close_window(shoes_app *);
VALUE shoes_sys(char *, int);
shoes_code shoes_app_goto(shoes_app *, char *);
shoes_code shoes_slot_repaint(SHOES_SLOT_OS *);
void shoes_app_reset_styles(shoes_app *);
void shoes_app_style(shoes_app *, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_location(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_is_started(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_quit(VALUE);
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