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// shoes/canvas.h
// Ruby methods for all the drawing ops.
#include <cairo.h>
#include <cairo-svg.h>
#include <cairo-ps.h>
#include <cairo-pdf.h>
#include <pango/pangocairo.h>
#include <ruby.h>
#include "shoes/config.h"
#include "shoes/code.h"
struct _shoes_app;
typedef unsigned int PIXEL;
extern const double RAD2PI, PIM2, PI;
extern const char *dialog_title, *dialog_title_says;
#define REL_WINDOW 1
#define REL_CANVAS 2
#define REL_CURSOR 3
#define REL_TILE 4
#define REL_STICKY 5
#define REL_SCALE 8
#define REL_COORDS(x) (x & 0x07)
#define REL_FLAGS(x) (x & 0xF8)
#define FLAG_POSITION 0x0F
#define FLAG_ABSX 0x10
#define FLAG_ABSY 0x20
#define FLAG_ORIGIN 0x40
#define HOVER_MOTION 0x01
#define HOVER_CLICK 0x02
// affine transforms, to avoid littering these structs everywhere
typedef struct {
cairo_matrix_t tf;
ID mode;
int refs;
} shoes_transform;
// place struct
// (outlines the area where a control has been placed)
typedef struct {
int x, y, w, h, dx, dy;
int ix, iy, iw, ih;
unsigned char flags;
} shoes_place;
#define SETUP_BASIC() \
shoes_basic *basic; \
Data_Get_Struct(self, shoes_basic, basic);
#define COPY_PENS(attr1, attr2) \
if (NIL_P(ATTR(attr1, stroke))) ATTRSET(attr1, stroke, ATTR(attr2, stroke)); \
if (NIL_P(ATTR(attr1, fill))) ATTRSET(attr1, fill, ATTR(attr2, fill)); \
if (NIL_P(ATTR(attr1, strokewidth))) ATTRSET(attr1, strokewidth, ATTR(attr2, strokewidth)); \
if (NIL_P(ATTR(attr1, cap))) ATTRSET(attr1, cap, ATTR(attr2, cap));
#define DRAW(c, app, blk) \
{ \
rb_ary_push(app->nesting, c); \
blk; \
rb_ary_pop(app->nesting); \
#define PATTERN_DIM(self_t, x) (self_t->cached != NULL ? self_t->cached->x : 1)
#define PATTERN(self_t) (self_t->cached != NULL ? self_t->cached->pattern : self_t->pattern)
#define ABSX(place) ((place).flags & FLAG_ABSX)
#define ABSY(place) ((place).flags & FLAG_ABSY)
#define POS(place) ((place).flags & FLAG_POSITION)
#define ORIGIN(place) ((place).flags & FLAG_ORIGIN)
#define CPX(c) (c != NULL && (c->place.flags & FLAG_ORIGIN) ? 0 : c->place.ix)
#define CPY(c) (c != NULL && (c->place.flags & FLAG_ORIGIN) ? 0 : c->place.iy)
#define CPB(c) ((c->place.h - c->place.ih) - (c->place.iy - c->place.y))
#define CPH(c) (ORIGIN(c->place) ? c->height : (c->fully - CPB(c)) - CPY(c))
#define CPW(c) (c->place.iw)
#define CCR(c) (c->cr == NULL ? c->app->scratch : c->cr)
#define SWPOS(x) ((int)sw % 2 == 0 ? x * 1. : x + .5)
// color struct
typedef struct {
unsigned char r, g, b, a, on;
} shoes_color;
#define SHOES_COLOR_DARK (0x55 * 3)
#define SHOES_COLOR_LIGHT (0xAA * 3)
// basic struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
} shoes_basic;
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
} shoes_element;
// shape struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
ID name;
char hover;
cairo_path_t *line;
shoes_transform *st;
} shoes_shape;
// flow struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
VALUE contents;
} shoes_flow;
// link struct
typedef struct {
int start;
int end;
VALUE ele;
} shoes_link;
// text cursor
typedef struct {
int pos, x, y, hi;
} shoes_textcursor;
// text block struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
VALUE texts;
VALUE links;
shoes_textcursor *cursor;
PangoLayout *layout;
PangoAttrList *pattr;
GString *text;
guint len;
char cached, hover;
shoes_transform *st;
} shoes_textblock;
// text struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
VALUE texts;
char hover;
} shoes_text;
// cached image
typedef enum {
} shoes_image_format;
typedef struct {
cairo_surface_t *surface;
cairo_pattern_t *pattern;
int width, height, mtime;
shoes_image_format format;
} shoes_cached_image;
typedef struct {
unsigned char type;
shoes_cached_image *image;
} shoes_cache_entry;
// image struct
#define SHOES_IMAGE_EXPIRE (60 * 60)
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
unsigned char type;
shoes_cached_image *cached;
shoes_transform *st;
cairo_t *cr;
VALUE path;
char hover;
} shoes_image;
#define SHOES_VIDEO 0
// pattern struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
VALUE source;
char hover;
shoes_cached_image *cached;
cairo_pattern_t *pattern;
} shoes_pattern;
// native controls struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
} shoes_control;
#define ANIM_NADA 0
#define ANIM_STARTED 1
#define ANIM_PAUSED 2
#define ANIM_STOPPED 3
// animation struct
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE block;
unsigned int rate, frame;
char started;
} shoes_timer;
typedef void (*shoes_effect_filter)(cairo_t *, VALUE attr, shoes_place *);
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
shoes_effect_filter filter;
} shoes_effect;
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
VALUE response;
unsigned char state;
unsigned LONG_LONG total;
unsigned LONG_LONG transferred;
unsigned long percent;
} shoes_http_klass;
#define CANVAS_NADA 0
#define CANVAS_PAINT 2
#define CANVAS_EMPTY 3
// temporary canvas (used internally for painting)
typedef struct {
VALUE parent;
VALUE attr;
shoes_place place;
cairo_t *cr, *shape;
shoes_transform *st, **sts;
int stl, stt;
VALUE contents;
unsigned char stage;
long insertion;
int cx, cy; // cursor x and y (stored in absolute coords)
int endx, endy; // jump points if the cursor spills over
int topy, fully; // since we often stack vertically
int width, height; // the full height and width used by this box
char hover;
struct _shoes_app *app;
} shoes_canvas;
void shoes_control_hide_ref(SHOES_CONTROL_REF);
void shoes_control_show_ref(SHOES_CONTROL_REF);
VALUE shoes_app_main(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_window(int, VALUE *, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_contents(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_app_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_basic_remove(VALUE);
shoes_transform *shoes_transform_new(shoes_transform *);
shoes_transform *shoes_transform_touch(shoes_transform *);
shoes_transform *shoes_transform_detach(shoes_transform *);
void shoes_transform_release(shoes_transform *);
VALUE shoes_canvas_info (VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_debug(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_warn (VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_error(VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_info (const char *fmt, ...);
void shoes_debug(const char *fmt, ...);
void shoes_warn (const char *fmt, ...);
void shoes_error(const char *fmt, ...);
void shoes_canvas_mark(shoes_canvas *);
VALUE shoes_canvas_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_new(VALUE, struct _shoes_app *);
void shoes_canvas_clear(VALUE);
shoes_canvas *shoes_canvas_init(VALUE, SHOES_SLOT_OS *, VALUE, int, int);
void shoes_slot_scroll_to(shoes_canvas *, int, int);
void shoes_canvas_paint(VALUE);
void shoes_apply_transformation(cairo_t *, shoes_transform *, shoes_place *, unsigned char);
void shoes_undo_transformation(cairo_t *, shoes_transform *, shoes_place *, unsigned char);
void shoes_canvas_shape_do(shoes_canvas *, double, double, double, double, unsigned char);
VALUE shoes_canvas_style(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_owner(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_close(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_left(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_scroll_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_scroll_max(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_scroll_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_set_scroll_top(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_gutter_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_displace(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_move(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_nostroke(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_stroke(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_strokewidth(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_dash(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_cap(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_nofill(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_fill(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_rgb(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_gray(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_rect(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_arc(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_oval(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_line(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_arrow(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_star(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_para(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_banner(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_title(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_subtitle(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_tagline(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_caption(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_inscription(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_code(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_del(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_em(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_ins(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_link(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_span(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_strong(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_sub(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_sup(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE self);
VALUE shoes_canvas_background(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_border(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_video(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_blur(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_glow(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_shadow(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_image(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_animate(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_every(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_timer(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_imagesize(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_shape(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_remove_item(VALUE, VALUE, char, char);
VALUE shoes_canvas_move_to(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_line_to(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_transform(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_translate(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_rotate(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_scale(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_skew(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_push(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_pop(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_reset(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_button(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_list_box(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_edit_line(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_edit_box(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_progress(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_slider(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_check(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_radio(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_contents(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_children(VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_size(VALUE, int, int);
VALUE shoes_canvas_clear_contents(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_remove(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_after(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_before(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_append(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_prepend(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_flow(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_stack(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_mask(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_widget(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_hide(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_show(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_toggle(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_mouse(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_start(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_finish(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_hover(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_leave(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_click(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_release(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_motion(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_keydown(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_keypress(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_keyup(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
int shoes_canvas_independent(shoes_canvas *);
VALUE shoes_find_canvas(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_app(VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_repaint_all(VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_compute(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_goto(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_send_click(VALUE, int, int, int);
void shoes_canvas_send_release(VALUE, int, int, int);
VALUE shoes_canvas_send_motion(VALUE, int, int, VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_send_wheel(VALUE, ID, int, int);
void shoes_canvas_send_keydown(VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_send_keypress(VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_canvas_send_keyup(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_cursor(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_set_cursor(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_get_clipboard(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_set_clipboard(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_window(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_dialog(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_window_plain(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_dialog_plain(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_snapshot(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_canvas_download(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
SHOES_SLOT_OS *shoes_slot_alloc(shoes_canvas *, SHOES_SLOT_OS *, int);
VALUE shoes_slot_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_flow_new(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_stack_new(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_mask_new(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_widget_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_control_mark(shoes_control *);
VALUE shoes_control_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_alloc(VALUE);
void shoes_control_send(VALUE, ID);
VALUE shoes_control_get_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_get_left(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_remove(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_show(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_temporary_show(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_hide(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_temporary_hide(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_focus(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_get_state(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_control_set_state(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_button_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_button_send_click(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_line_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_line_get_text(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_line_set_text(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_box_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_box_get_text(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_edit_box_set_text(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_list_box_text(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_list_box_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_progress_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_shape_mark(shoes_shape *);
VALUE shoes_shape_attr(int, VALUE *, int, ...);
void shoes_shape_sketch(cairo_t *, ID, shoes_place *, shoes_transform *, VALUE, cairo_path_t *, unsigned char);
VALUE shoes_shape_new(VALUE, ID, VALUE, shoes_transform *, cairo_path_t *);
VALUE shoes_shape_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_move(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_get_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_get_left(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_shape_motion(VALUE, int, int, char *);
VALUE shoes_shape_send_click(VALUE, int, int, int);
void shoes_shape_send_release(VALUE, int, int, int);
void shoes_image_ensure_dup(shoes_image *);
void shoes_image_mark(shoes_image *);
VALUE shoes_image_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, shoes_transform *);
VALUE shoes_image_alloc(VALUE);
void shoes_image_image(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_get_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_get_left(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_image_motion(VALUE, int, int, char *);
VALUE shoes_image_send_click(VALUE, int, int, int);
void shoes_image_send_release(VALUE, int, int, int);
shoes_effect_filter shoes_effect_for_type(ID);
void shoes_effect_mark(shoes_effect *);
VALUE shoes_effect_new(ID, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_effect_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_effect_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_pattern_self(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_pattern_method(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_pattern_args(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
void shoes_pattern_mark(shoes_pattern *);
VALUE shoes_pattern_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_pattern_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_pattern_motion(VALUE, int, int, char *);
VALUE shoes_background_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_border_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_subpattern_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
void shoes_timer_mark(shoes_timer *);
VALUE shoes_timer_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_timer_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_timer_init(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_timer_remove(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_timer_start(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_timer_stop(VALUE);
void shoes_timer_call(VALUE);
void shoes_color_mark(shoes_color *);
VALUE shoes_color_new(int, int, int, int);
VALUE shoes_color_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_rgb(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_gray(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
cairo_pattern_t *shoes_color_pattern(VALUE);
void shoes_color_grad_stop(cairo_pattern_t *, double, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_args(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_parse(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_is_black(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_is_dark(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_is_light(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_is_white(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_invert(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_to_s(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_to_pattern(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_color_gradient(int, VALUE *, VALUE);
void shoes_link_mark(shoes_link *);
VALUE shoes_link_new(VALUE, int, int);
VALUE shoes_link_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_text_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_text_alloc(VALUE);
void shoes_text_mark(shoes_text *);
void shoes_textblock_mark(shoes_textblock *);
VALUE shoes_textblock_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, VALUE, shoes_transform *);
VALUE shoes_textblock_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_get_top(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_get_left(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_get_width(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_get_height(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_set_cursor(VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_get_cursor(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_draw(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_textblock_motion(VALUE, int, int, char *);
VALUE shoes_textblock_send_click(VALUE, int, int, int, VALUE *);
void shoes_textblock_send_release(VALUE, int, int, int);
void shoes_http_mark(shoes_http_klass *);
VALUE shoes_http_new(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
VALUE shoes_http_alloc(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_http_threaded(VALUE, VALUE, VALUE);
int shoes_message_download(VALUE, void *);
int shoes_catch_message(unsigned int name, VALUE obj, void *data);
VALUE shoes_response_new(VALUE, int);
VALUE shoes_response_body(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_response_headers(VALUE);
VALUE shoes_response_status(VALUE);
// shoes/image.c
typedef struct {
unsigned long status;
char *cachepath, *filepath, *uripath, *etag;
char hexdigest[42];
VALUE slot;
} shoes_image_download_event;
shoes_code shoes_load_imagesize(VALUE, int *, int *);
shoes_cached_image *shoes_cached_image_new(int, int, cairo_surface_t *);
shoes_cached_image *shoes_load_image(VALUE, VALUE);
unsigned char shoes_image_downloaded(shoes_image_download_event *);
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