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HRI Privacy


sudo apt update
sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib
conda create --name env OR python3 -m venv env
conda activate env OR source env/bin/activate
pip install -e .
pip install -r requirements.txt
sudo nano /etc/postgresql/12/main/postgresql.conf        # Change listen_addresses to *



Populating Database With Conversations

  • Add conversation samples to data and data/metadata.
  • Copy and paste the existing conversation examples data/conversation1/ and data/metadata/
  • Follow the structure of the existing examples.
  • Add a new person to data/metadata/
  • Change the CONVERSATION constant in run/ to the correct number.
  • python run/

Testing Rule Enforcement

  • Add rules, constraints, and assumptions to src/
  • Edit src/ constants to specific content_id and person_id pairs or uncomment test_loop() to loop through all content_id and person_id pairs.
  • python run/

Testing Trust Updater

  • python run/

Database Interface

The database schema

  • Check src/ and src/ for more information.

Google API



  • git pull
  • git checkout -b myname/branch_name OR git checkout myname/branch_name --track
  • Make your changes on this branch.
  • git add file_name
  • git commit -m "Commit message"
  • git push origin myname/branch_name
  • Make a pull request for master_branch <-- working_branch.
  • Name the pull request title like a commit message.
  • Add your comments or relevant files.
  • Request a review from someone on the "Reviewers" tab to the right.
  • (They add their comments and/or approve the request)
  • Add and commit your new changes to the branch.
  • Re-request a review if necessary.
  • "Squash and merge" the pull request.


  • git branch : Check your current working branch.
  • git checkout branch_name : Switches to a branch already created locally.
  • git checkout branch_name --track : Switches to a branch already created non-locally.
  • git checkout -b branch_name : Creates and switches to a new branch created locally.
  • Name the branch along the lines of: brian/add_trust_rule.

Pull Requests

  • Choose the base as master (typically) and the compare as the branch you committed your changes to.
  • Title the pull request as if it were a commit.

Code Reviews

  • Look for conflicts or issues and add comments.


  • Choose "Squash and merge" in the dropdown.


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