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Static MakeCode Editor (PXT) for Calliope mini

PXT as a static web page. You can download and run in a local web server.

This is an interesting alternative for single-user offline use of the editor. Be aware that you need for your first start an internet connection. This is for compiling the first hex file on a Microsoft server.


pxt-calliope-static.wi-wissen.de shows the gh-pages branch.


Clone the repository.

git clone https://github.com/wi-wissen/pxt-calliope-static

Install a simple web server and run it.

npm install -g http-server
http-server -c-1 pxt-calliope-static/release

Open Editor:

Changes to calliope-mini/pxt-calliope-static

  • reset button works now as start/stop button
  • removed tracking
  • removed unused (and incomplete?) docs
  • added compiled hex for futher use
  • changed branding
  • included google fonts
  • added help menu
  • added help for usb
  • replaced toc and privacy documents


  • get offline mode working
  • get excercises/tutorials inside editor working. (see here)