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πŸ’‘[MIRROR-ONLY] The source codes of my technical blog.
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Wi1dcard's blog

Hey, welcome to my technical blog. This repo stands for the source codes of it. You can view the rendered website at

The Docker Image

You can also view my blog with local service powered by Nginx in Docker:

docker run --rm -it -p 80:80 wi1dcard/blog

The site would be available at http://localhost/.

Current Stack

  • - A static blog generator.
  • indigo - Theme for hexo with Material Design.
  • athenapdf - Drop-in replacement for wkhtmltopdf built on Go, Electron and Docker.
  • Caddy - Easy-configured HTTP server.
  • lint-md - A library with the CLI tool, used to lint markdown files that in Chinese.
  • imagemin - with MozJPEG and pngquant plug-ins. Optimize the images and reduce the sizes during building.
  • GitLab CI - CI and CD. Ensure my writing style good, render the posts and my resume written in Markdown into HTML or PDF files, and deploy them.
  • Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) - Where my blog was deployed to.
  • Hexo plugins - More plugins are described in packages.json.
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