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Wia Android SDK

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Official Android SDK for Wia's API.

Wia provides a cloud infrastructure for developers building Internet of Things applications. Start conversations with your things using just a few lines of code.


Grab via Maven:


or Gradle:

compile 'io.wia:wia-android-sdk:0.4.15'

The SDK requires at minimum Java 6 or Android 2.3.


This manages all your interaction with the Wia API.

Wia.initialize(new Wia.Configuration.Builder(activity.getApplicationContext())

To retrieve a list of Spaces.

Observable<WiaSpaceList> result = Wia.listSpaces();
      .subscribe(response -> {
        // Spaces: response.spaces()
        // Count: response.count
      }, error -> {
        // Do something with error


For further information, check out our official API documentation.


Copyright (c) 2017-present, Wia Technologies Limited. All rights reserved.

This source code is licensed under the MIT-style license found in the LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree.