Magento2 - PHP Opcache | Allows the purge/clear/flush of the PHP OpCache via the CLI and Magento2 Backend
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Magento2 OpCache Manager

Allows the purge/clear/flush of the PHP OpCache via the CLI and Magento2 Backend


Because PHP OpCache is almost the de facto standard in current server/application setups. Most users/developers are usinga simple PHP script to clear the cache or simply ignore this cache. With this extension you can use it in your build/deployment process via the CLI. Also provided is an extension to the Magento2 backend. With a simple click you can purge the cache.

About me

I'm a DevOps engineer for a full service digital agency in the Netherlands. When possible I try to create opensource scripts / extentions and tools. If you appriciate my work, please be so kind to donate so I can keep drinking beer.


How the CLI works

It is simply not possible to clear the php OpCache via the CLI. I have created a workaround for that. Instead of actually running a static PHP file from the CLI, we do a curl request. Because it is a curl request, your webserver actually will parse this request via the "php cgi". This way we can clear it.

The issue we now have is that we do not want robots or "hackers" to be able to clear this cache. Therefor on execution we write a sort of "lock" file. Obviously removing it after clearing. This way "direct access" to this static page is not possible.

Additional cache management extended

Magento2 Additional cache management

OpCache purge

Magento2 OpCache purge

CLI Usage

php bin/magento opcache:status

Returns the opcache status:

bin/magento opcache:status
    [opcache_enabled] => 1
    [cache_full] => 
    [restart_pending] => 
    [restart_in_progress] => 
    [memory_usage] => Array
            [used_memory] => 78587744
            [free_memory] => 2068895904
            [wasted_memory] => 0
            [current_wasted_percentage] => 0

    [interned_strings_usage] => Array
            [buffer_size] => 20971520
            [used_memory] => 2283208
            [free_memory] => 18688312
            [number_of_strings] => 41723

    [opcache_statistics] => Array
            [num_cached_scripts] => 1289
            [num_cached_keys] => 1365
            [max_cached_keys] => 130987
            [hits] => 6
            [start_time] => 1510859030
            [last_restart_time] => 0
            [oom_restarts] => 0
            [hash_restarts] => 0
            [manual_restarts] => 0
            [misses] => 1289
            [blacklist_misses] => 0
            [blacklist_miss_ratio] => 0
            [opcache_hit_rate] => 0.46332046332046

php bin/magento opcache:clear

Will clear the PHP OpCache

bin/magento opcache:clear
Cleared OpCache

Install with Composer

composer require webfixit/opcache