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WiBX is an Ethereum and Hyperledger DAPP. The first utility token with mass usability in the exchange of products and services. The best in the NFC (Near Field Communication) wich is a mobile proximity payments transfer method model. The most flexible in his assignments.

How it works technically

WiBX is a generic crypto-currency, designed for retailers to receive payment and retain their customers. In order to do this, WiBX needs to provide a solid and fast platform for immediate and reliable transactions.

All tokens are issued in the Ethereum network through the smart contract WibxToken and are tracked within the private network Hyperledger, through the chaincode, which is, the Hyperledger performing a fast network, processing the information well faster than Ethereum mainnet.

This implies having a module called BCH (Blockchain Handler) that acts on both networks, tracing one blockchain to another and vice versa.

How will BCH (Blockchain Handler) manage these transactions?

There are two types of addresses:

  • Personal address: Your normal Ethereum address. You can manipulate your WiBX tokens in a free way without the slightest interference from the BCH module.

  • Custody address: This type of wallet is used totally restricted for the internal operations of the WiBOO mall platform and will not allow any type of creation or external manipulation; these tokens will be administered by the BCH in full. Those tokens could be extracted to a personal address, however it will be possible just via the WiBOO marketplace.

How to Install

Ethereum smart contract

Inside the wibx directory, contains a Truffle Framework project. So you can do all Truffle operations.

Installation of local dependencies:

$ yarn


Configure your network node inside the truffle.js configuration file and run the migration:

$ yarn migrate


You need to keep your Ganache (it is possible, instead to use Ganache CLI if you like) node up and running on port 8545. It is recommended to have 100+ ETH in the first account to run all the test cases smoothly.

$ yarn test

Or you can run it automatically:

$ yarn build:test


To get coverage statistics, just run the coverage script:

$ yarn build:coverage

Solidity version: v0.5.0+commit.1d4f565a.

Hyperledger chaincode

Inside the wibx-private directory, contains a generator-hyperledger-composer project.

To deploy it, make sure that you have the Hyperledger Composer installed and running in your computer. The CLI tools are needed as well.

There is a script that do the deployment job for you.

$ sh


WiBX contracts are released under the Apache 2.0 License.