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Cloud DNS management tool

This package implements a console script that can be used to to perform some basic management tasks for the Rackspace Cloud DNS service.

To use the clouddns script you need to know your username and the API key. You can find the API key in the API Access section of the Rackspace Cloud Control Portal.

$ bin/clouddns --username=wichert --api=807ab61566324dc036493b306fe86eb1 list
wiggy.net id=3201843
$ bin/clouddns --username=wichert --api=807ab61566324dc036493b306fe86eb1 dump wiggy.net
wiggy.net   7200    A
wiggy.net   7200    AAAA    2001:888:2003:1011::10
wiggy.net   7200    MX      mx1.simplon.biz
wiggy.net   7200    NS      dns1.stabletransit.com
wiggy.net   7200    NS      dns2.stabletransit.com
www.wiggy.net       7200    A
www.wiggy.net       7200    AAAA    2001:888:2003:1011::10

If you are using a UK based account you must use the --region parameter:

$ bin/clouddns --username=wichert --api=807ab61566324dc036493b306fe86eb1 --region=uk list
wiggy.net id=3201843

You can easily migrate an existing domain by importing its bind zone file. When you are doing this make sure the record names are absolute so the cloud dns platform can figure out which domain you are importing. The above domain was imported from this file zone:

wiggy.net.      IN      SOA     levante.wiggy.net. hostmaster.wiggy.net.  2010110601 86400 7200 2419200 7200
                IN      MX      10 mx1.simplon.biz.
            IN      A
            IN      AAAA    2001:888:2003:1011::10

$ORIGIN wiggy.net.
www         IN      A
            IN      AAAA    2001:888:2003:1011::10

using this command:

$ bin/clouddns --username=wichert --api=807ab61566324dc036493b306fe86eb1 import-zone net.wiggy