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from __future__ import absolute_import
from __future__ import print_function
import ast
import collections
from collections import OrderedDict
except ImportError:
from ordereddict import OrderedDict
import re
import sys
from chameleon.namespaces import I18N_NS
from chameleon.namespaces import TAL_NS
from chameleon.program import ElementProgram
from chameleon.zpt.program import MacroProgram
from chameleon.tal import parse_defines
from chameleon.tales import split_parts
from chameleon.utils import decode_htmlentities
from .python import _extract_python
from . import Extractor
from . import Message
def _open(filename):
"""Injection point for tests."""
return open(filename, 'rb')
ENGINE_PREFIX = re.compile(r'^\s*([a-z\-_]+):\s*')
STRUCTURE_PREFIX = re.compile(r'\s*(structure|text)\s+(.*)', re.DOTALL)
WHITESPACE = re.compile(u"\s+")
EXPRESSION = re.compile(u"\s*\${(.*?)}\s*")
UNDERSCORE_CALL = re.compile("_\(.*\)")
class TranslateContext(object):
def __init__(self, domain, msgctxt, msgid, comment, filename, lineno):
self.domain = domain
self.msgctxt = msgctxt
self.msgid = msgid
self.text = []
self.filename = filename
self.lineno = lineno
self.parent = None
self.children = OrderedDict()
self.comment = comment
def add_text(self, text):
def add_element(self, element):
attributes = element['ns_attrs']
name = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'name'))
if name:
self.text.append(u'${%s}' % name)
self.text.append(u'<dynamic element>')
def register_child(self, element, context):
attributes = element['ns_attrs']
name = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'name'))
if name:
self.children[name] = context
def ignore(self):
text = u''.join(self.text).strip()
text = WHITESPACE.sub(u' ', text)
text = EXPRESSION.sub(u'', text)
return not text
def full_text(self):
text = u''.join(self.text).strip()
text = WHITESPACE.sub(u' ', text)
return text
def message(self):
text = self.full_text()
if not self.msgid:
self.msgid = text
text = u''
comments = []
if self.comment:
if text:
comments.append(u'Default: %s' % text)
for (name, context) in self.children.items():
comments.append(u'Canonical text for ${%s} is: "%s"' %
(name, context.full_text()))
if self.parent:
comments.append(u'Used in sentence: "%s"' %
return Message(self.msgctxt, self.msgid, None, [],
u'\n'.join(comments), u'',
(self.filename, self.lineno))
def get_newline_count(s):
s = s or ''
return len(s.split('\n')) - 1
def get_plain_attrs(attrs):
plain_attrs = dict()
offset = 0
for attr in attrs:
offset += get_newline_count(attr['space'] + attr['name'] + attr['eq'] + attr['quote'])
post_offset = offset + get_newline_count(attr['value'] + attr['quote'])
plain_attrs[attr['name'].split(':')[-1]] = (attr['value'], offset, post_offset)
offset = post_offset
return plain_attrs
class ChameleonExtractor(Extractor, ElementProgram):
'''Chameleon templates (defaults to Python expressions)'''
extensions = ['.pt']
default_config = {
'default-engine': 'python',
def __call__(self, filename, options, fileobj=None, lineno=0):
self.options = options
self.filename = filename
self.target_domain = options.domain
self.messages = []
self.domainstack = collections.deque([(None, None, None)])
self.translatestack = collections.deque([None])
self.linenumber = 1
if fileobj is None:
fileobj = _open(filename)
source ='utf-8')
except UnicodeDecodeError as e:
print('Aborting due to parse error in %s: %s' %
(self.filename, e), file=sys.stderr)
ElementProgram.__init__(self, source, filename=filename)
return [m.message() if isinstance(m, TranslateContext) else m
for m in self.messages]
def visit(self, kind, args):
visitor = getattr(self, 'visit_%s' % kind, None)
if visitor is not None:
return visitor(*args)
print("Warning: Unknown node type '%s' in %s, linenumbers might be off. Please report this warning." %
(kind, self.filename), file=sys.stderr)
def visit_start_tag(self, element):
self.visit_element(element, None, [])
def visit_element(self, start, end, children):
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(start['prefix'] + start['name'])
if self.translatestack and self.translatestack[-1]:
attributes = start['ns_attrs']
plain_attrs = get_plain_attrs(start['attrs'])
childs_lineno = self.linenumber
post_offset = [x[2] for x in plain_attrs.values()]
if post_offset:
childs_lineno += max(post_offset)
childs_lineno += get_newline_count(start['suffix'])
new_domain = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'domain'))
old_domain = self.domainstack[-1][0] if self.domainstack else None
new_context = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'context'))
old_context = self.domainstack[-1][1] if self.domainstack else None
new_comment = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'comment'))
old_comment = self.domainstack[-1][2] if self.domainstack else None
if new_domain or new_context or new_comment:
new_domain or old_domain,
new_context or old_context,
new_comment or old_comment))
elif self.domainstack:
current_domain = self.domainstack[-1][0]
include_domain = self.target_domain is None or self.target_domain == current_domain
i18n_translate = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'translate'))
if i18n_translate is not None:
ctx = TranslateContext(
self.domainstack[-1][0] if self.domainstack else None,
self.domainstack[-1][1] if self.domainstack else None,
self.domainstack[-1][2] if self.domainstack else None,
self.filename, childs_lineno)
if self.translatestack:
ctx.parent = self.translatestack[-1]
if ctx.parent is not None:
ctx.parent.register_child(start, ctx)
if self.domainstack:
i18n_attributes = attributes.get((I18N_NS, 'attributes'))
if i18n_attributes and include_domain:
parts = [p.strip() for p in i18n_attributes.split(';')]
for msgid in parts:
if ' ' not in msgid:
if msgid not in plain_attrs:
value, offset, post_offset = plain_attrs[msgid]
self.add_message(value, self.domainstack[-1][2] or '', offset=offset)
(attr, msgid) = msgid.split()
except ValueError:
if attr not in plain_attrs:
value, offset, post_offset = plain_attrs[attr]
self.add_message(msgid, u'Default: %s' % value, offset=offset)
for (attribute, value) in attributes.items():
value = decode_htmlentities(value)
for source in self.get_code_for_attribute(attribute, value):
self.linenumber = childs_lineno
for child in children:
if end is not None:
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(end['prefix'] + end['name'])
post_offset = [x[2] for x in get_plain_attrs(end['attrs']).values()]
if post_offset:
self.linenumber += max(post_offset)
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(end['suffix'])
if self.domainstack:
translate = self.translatestack.pop()
if translate and not translate.ignore() and translate.domain and include_domain:
def visit_text(self, data):
if self.target_domain is None or self.target_domain == self.domainstack[-1][0]:
default_engine = self.config['default-engine']
for line in data.splitlines():
line = decode_htmlentities(line)
for source in get_python_expressions(line, default_engine):
except SyntaxError:
print('Aborting due to Python syntax error in %s[%d]: %s' %
(self.filename, self.linenumber, line))
if self.translatestack[-1]:
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(data)
def visit_comment(self, data):
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(data)
def visit_cdata(self, data):
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(data)
def visit_processing_instruction(self, data):
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(data['text'])
def visit_default(self, data):
if not data.lower().startswith('<!doctype'):
print("%s:%s\n Warning: Node type 'default', possible bad markup" %
(self.filename, self.linenumber), file=sys.stderr)
self.linenumber += get_newline_count(data)
def add_message(self, msgid, comment=u'', offset=0):
self.messages.append(Message(None, msgid, None, [], comment, u'',
(self.filename, self.linenumber + offset)))
def _assert_valid_python(self, value):
if not is_valid_python(value):
print('Aborting due to Python syntax error in %s[%d]: %s' %
(self.filename, self.linenumber, value))
def get_code_for_attribute(self, attribute, value):
default_engine = self.config['default-engine']
if attribute[0] == TAL_NS:
if attribute[1] in ['content', 'replace']:
for (engine, value) in split_expression(value, default_engine):
if engine == 'python':
m = STRUCTURE_PREFIX.match(value)
if m is not None:
value =
m = ENGINE_PREFIX.match(value)
if (m is not None) and ( == 'python'):
m = None
value = value.split(':', 1)[1]
if m is None:
value = '(%s)' % value
yield value
if attribute[1] == 'define':
for (scope, var, value) in parse_defines(value):
for (engine, value) in split_expression(value, default_engine):
if engine == 'python':
value = '(%s)' % value
yield value
elif attribute[1] == 'repeat':
defines = parse_defines(value)
if len(defines) != 1:
print('Aborting due to syntax error in %s[%d]: %s' % (
self.filename, self.linenumber, value))
scope, var, value = defines[0]
for (engine, value) in split_expression(value, default_engine):
if engine == 'python':
yield value
for source in get_python_expressions(value, default_engine):
yield source
except SyntaxError:
print('Aborting due to Python syntax error in %s[%d]: %s' %
(self.filename, self.linenumber, value))
def parse_python(self, source):
assert isinstance(source, type(u''))
for message in _extract_python(self.filename, source, self.options, self.linenumber):
location=(self.filename, self.linenumber + message.location[1])))
class ZopeExtractor(ChameleonExtractor):
'''Zope templates (defaults to TALES expressions)'''
extensions = ['.zpt', '.cpt']
default_config = {
'default-engine': 'tales',
def is_valid_python(source):
ast.parse(source, mode='eval')
except SyntaxError:
return False
return True
def split_expression(source, default_engine):
for part in split_parts.split(source):
expression = part.strip().replace('\\|', '|')
yield get_tales_engine(expression, default_engine)
def get_tales_engine(source, default_engine):
m = ENGINE_PREFIX.match(source)
if m is None:
return (default_engine, source)
return (, source[m.end():])
def get_python_expressions(source, default_engine):
regex = re.compile(r'(?<!\\)\$({(?P<expression>.*)})', re.DOTALL)
while source:
m =
if m is None:
source = source[m.start():]
matched =
# We foundsomething that looks like ${...}, but could also be
# ${...}..}, so keep trying to parse while stripping the last
# character until either all python validates, or we no longer
# match
m =
while m is not None:
candidate ='expression')
candidates = [code for (engine, code) in split_expression(candidate, default_engine)
if engine == 'python']
if all(is_valid_python(c) for c in candidates):
# All valid, so return and move to next ${ block
for c in candidates:
yield c
source = source[m.end():]
# Syntax error somewhere, so try again with last character
# stripped.
matched = matched[:-1]
m =
if m is None:
# We found ${, but could not find a valid python expression
raise SyntaxError()
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