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Integration rq with pyramid

This package makes it possible to use the RQ job queueing library in Pyramid applications. Specifically it does three things:

  1. allow configuring the redis connection in your .ini-file
  2. make sure the redis connection used by RQ is appropriate for the Pyramid application, even if you are running multiple differently configure Pyramid applications within the same process.
  3. provide a replacement for the standard RQ worker which runs all tasks in a fully configured Pyramid environment.

How to use pyramid_rq

Using pyramid_rq is very easy. The first thing you need to do is add pyramid_rq to the list of required packages in your file:


After doing this you will need to reinstall/develop your application or, if you are using buildout, rerun buildout.

The next step is to configure RQ in your application. In your startup code simply add this line:


And that is everything! This will setup a default configuration that assumes you are using a local redis server.


The default configuration assumes that you are using a local redis server listening on its default port. If your environment is different you can specify a different configuration in your .ini-file. This is done using three options: or
The hostname for the redis server. If not specified defaults to localhost.
rq.redis.port or redis.port
The TCP port used to connect to the redis server. Defaults to 6379.
rq.redis.db or redis.db
The redis database nmber to use. If not specified this defaults to 1.

All configuration options are available under two keys: either prefixed by rq.redis or by redis, prefering the rq.redis key if present. This is done to allow using the redis configuration in other places as well, while also making it possible to use a different redis configuration for RQ.


Support using the rq queueing system with pyramid







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