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C++ implementation of concurrent Binary Search Trees
C++ CMake
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Performance comparison of concurrent Binary Search Trees in C++

This project aims to compare several concurrent implementation of Binary Search Tree in C++:

  • SkipList
  • Non-Blocking Binary Search Trees
  • Optimistic AVL Tree
  • Lock-Free Multiway Search Tree
  • Counter-Based Tree

Note: The code has only been tested on Intel processors. It is possible that there are some differences with other processors. It has only been tested under Linux and with GCC. This application will not build under Windows and is unlikely to build under another compiler.


CMake is used to build the project:

cmake . make -j9

Warning: GCC 4.6 at least is necessary to build this project.

Launch tests

The tests can be launched easily:

./bin/btrees -test

Note: The full tests can take about 30 minutes to complete on not-very modern computer and can takes more than 2GB of memory.

Launch memory benchmark

The memory benchmark is separated in two parts. The first (low) tests the memory consumption with range in [0, size] and the second (high) tests the memory consumption on higher range [0, INT_MAX]:

./bin/memory -high ./bin/memory -low

Note: The memory benchmark needs at least 6GB of memory to run.

Launch the benchmark

The full benchmark can be run like this:

./bin/btrees -test

Note: Even on modern computer, the benchmark may take more than 10 hours to complete and needs several GB of memory. On old hardware, it can easily takes about 24 hours to complete.

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