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// Copyright (c) 2014-2020 Baptiste Wicht
// Distributed under the terms of the MIT License.
// (See accompanying file LICENSE or copy at
#include "dll/neural/dense/dense_layer.hpp"
#include "dll/neural/rnn/rnn_layer.hpp"
#include "dll/neural/recurrent/recurrent_last_layer.hpp"
#include "dll/network.hpp"
#include "dll/datasets.hpp"
int main(int /*argc*/, char* /*argv*/ []) {
// Load the dataset
auto dataset = dll::make_mnist_dataset_nc(dll::batch_size<100>{}, dll::scale_pre<255>{});
constexpr size_t time_steps = 28;
constexpr size_t sequence_length = 28;
constexpr size_t hidden_units = 100;
// Build the network
using network_t = dll::dyn_network_desc<
dll::rnn_layer<time_steps, sequence_length, hidden_units, dll::last_only>,
dll::recurrent_last_layer<time_steps, hidden_units>,
dll::dense_layer<hidden_units, 10, dll::softmax>
, dll::updater<dll::updater_type::ADAM> // Adam
, dll::batch_size<100> // The mini-batch size
auto net = std::make_unique<network_t>();
// Display the network and dataset
// Train the network for performance sake
net->train(dataset.train(), 50);
// Test the network on test set
return 0;