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# Headers configuration
ignore *
unignore From To Reply-To Cc Bcc Subject Date Organization X-Label X-Mailer User-Agent
# Gmail configuration
set from = ""
set realname = "Baptiste Wicht"
# SMTP Connections
set smtp_url = "smtps://"
# Get passwords
source ~/.password.muttrc
# Colors
source ~/.colors.muttrc
# Keybindings
source ~/.bindings.muttrc
# Get the mail from offlineimap
set folder = /data/oi/
# Configure the mailboxes
set spoolfile = "+Gmail/INBOX"
set postponed = "+Gmail/drafts"
# Get the list of mailboxes generated by offlineimap
source ~/.mutt/mailboxes
source ~/.gpg.rc
set pgp_ignore_subkeys = no
set pgp_use_gpg_agent = yes
set pgp_sign_as = 0xC5566B6C7F884532
set pgp_timeout = 3600
set crypt_autosign = yes
set crypt_replyencrypt = yes
send-hook 'set pgp_autoencrypt'
bind compose p pgp-menu
macro compose Y pfy "send mail without GPG"
# Configure Notmuch
set nm_default_uri = "notmuch:///data/oi/Gmail"
#set virtual_spoolfile = yes
virtual-mailboxes "UNREAD" "notmuch://?query=tag:unread and not folder:spam and not folder:trash" \
"ML" "notmuch://?query=folder:ML"
# Set charset
set send_charset="utf-8"
# Faster mail checking
set timeout = 15
set mail_check = 60
# Beeps on new messages
set beep_new
# Start vim with correct options
set editor='vim + -c "set textwidth=72" -c "set wrap" -c "set spell spelllang=en"'
# Display notmuch tags
set index_format = "%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-15.15L %?M?(#%03M)&(%4l)? %?y?{%.20y}? %?g?{%.20g} ?%s (%c)"
# Display labels
#set index_format = "%4C %Z %{%b %d} %-15.15L %?M?(#%03M)&(%4l)? %?y?{%.20y} ?%s"
# Cache folders
set header_cache =~/.mutt/cache/headers
set message_cachedir =~/.mutt/cache/bodies
# Store certificates
set certificate_file =~/.mutt/certificates
# Always display pager in top of the mails
set pager_index_lines=8
# Always display sidebar
set sidebar_visible = yes
set sidebar_width = 35
set sort_sidebar = desc
# Mark folders with unread mails in yellow
color sidebar_new yellow default
# Status Bar
set status_chars = " *%A"
set status_format = "───[ Folder: %f ]───[%r%m messages%?n? (%n new)?%?d? (%d to delete)?%?t? (%t tagged)? ]───%>─%?p?( %p postponed )?───"
# Faster folder switch
set sleep_time = 0
# Treat mail as plain when possible
alternative_order text/plain text/html
# Automatically open html messages
auto_view text/html
# Don't move read messages to another mbox
set move = no
# Don't record sent messages, GMail does that already
set copy = no
# Don't ask before appending to an existing mailbox
set confirmappend = no
# Discussions view
set sort = 'threads'
set sort_aux = 'reverse-last-date-received'
# Don't ask for stuff when replying
set include=yes
set fast_reply
# Nice Word Wrapping
set smart_wrap
# Configure mailcap
set mailcap_path = ~/.mailcap
# Alias auto generation and configuration
set display_filter = ~/.mutt/autoalias
source ~/.aliases.muttrc
set alias_file=~/.aliases.muttrc