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ui = ttyui
accounts = Gmail
fsync = False
[Account Gmail]
localrepository = Gmail-Local
remoterepository = Gmail-Remote
status_backend = sqlite
[Repository Gmail-Local]
type = Maildir
localfolders = /data/oi/Gmail/
nametrans = lambda folder: {'drafts': '[Gmail]/Drafts',
'sent': '[Gmail]/Sent Mail',
'important': '[Gmail]/Important',
'spam': '[Gmail]/Spam',
'starred': '[Gmail]/Starred',
'trash': '[Gmail]/Trash',
'archive': '[Gmail]/All Mail',
}.get(folder, folder)
sep = /
[Repository Gmail-Remote]
maxconnections = 2
type = Gmail
remoteuser =
remotepassfile = ~/.password.offlineimaprc
realdelete = no
nametrans = lambda folder: {'[Gmail]/Drafts': 'drafts',
'[Gmail]/Sent Mail': 'sent',
'[Gmail]/Starred': 'starred',
'[Gmail]/Important': 'important',
'[Gmail]/Spam': 'spam',
'[Gmail]/Trash': 'trash',
'[Gmail]/All Mail': 'archive',
}.get(folder, folder)
folderfilter = lambda folder: folder not in ['[Gmail]/All Mail',
sslcacertfile = /etc/ssl/certs/ca-certificates.crt
enabled = yes
filename = ~/.mutt/mailboxes
header = "mailboxes "
peritem = "+%(accountname)s/%(foldername)s"
sep = " "
footer = "\n"
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