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assert.cpp Update copyright
compare.cpp Improve support for comparison
conv_test.hpp Implement 2D convolution by FFT
convolution.cpp Simplify a test case
direct.cpp More adapted tests
dyn_matrix.cpp Unify dim and fast interfaces
dyn_vector.cpp Update tests
fast_dyn_matrix.cpp Update tests
fast_matrix.cpp Unify dim and fast interfaces
fast_vector.cpp Add support for outer product
fft.cpp Only execute FFT tests when impl is available
flipping.cpp Cleanup
generators.cpp Transform last tests
integers.cpp Add more tests working on integers
iterations.cpp Transform last tests
max_pool.cpp Transform last tests
mmul_test.hpp Rename mmul in mul
multiplication.cpp Rename mmul in mul
print.cpp Update copyright
special_cases.cpp Transform last tests
stable.cpp Add support on dyn versions as well
stop.cpp Improve compatibility with icc
template_test.hpp Fix template_test
test.cpp Update copyright
tmp.cpp Add test for sequence_equal
traits.cpp Introduce vectorizable traits
transpose.cpp Add support for inplace transpose of non-square matrix
views.cpp Rename mmul in mul
virtual_views.cpp Transform last tests
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