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Cutting off the browser fat from your app

by Hector Bustillos


The pursuit of losing weight is something that people always try to achieve; the same thing happens with web apps so I'll show a plan to reduce that extra fat on the browser that we always left there. I'm gonna explain a couple of effortless rules to make your views faster from good code practice for views to write better CSS and JS, how to load them correctly and 2 or 3 tricks that I found particularly attractive. And last but not least all of this will end in a clean code structure with happy Dev team who will do any change effortless.

There's a lot of things devs may think know, but there's a lot fat to cut off.

Aditionals Notes

Front-end is always a topic that we as engineers tends to left apart, and every day becomes more and more valuable as building a solid backend. So it is always good to talk about Front-End.

Also, I’m from Mexico and we are always cool.