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Writing Feature Tests for Mobile Apps with Calabash

Alex Rothenberg


Testing mobile apps is hard. It seems that manual testing is how most apps are tested, but that doesn't have to be the case anymore. We can now write features in cucumber or rspec and test drive our mobile apps automatically. The key is a ruby library called Calabash that exposes a DSL to let us interact with our mobile app in much the same way Capybara lets us interact with a webapp. In this talk we'll look at how this library works and how we can use it to touch a button, enter some text and assert based on what we see. We'll use it to test a native IOS app written with RubyMotion as well as a PhoneGap app that runs on both IOS and Android. Its the coolest thing to see things happening in your mobile app without you touching it and we will all get to experience that in this talk.

Additional Notes

Alex is a Ruby developer working at McKinsey & Co. He's been building Rails websites for the past 5 years and more recently has been building mobile apps using RubyMotion and PhoneGap. He only recently learned about Calabash but already it has had a big impact on his current app. He's really excited to be able to test mobile apps and that Boston now has its own Ruby conference.


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