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Coders in Community

Angela Harms


We are makers. A crazy & beautiful collection of nerds and other folks, we can't help leaving a trail of created things wherever we go. Alone, we create cool stuff. Together, what we create can be mind-blowing -- if we don't tear each other to shreds, first!

Community can be hard. As much as we want to love each other and work together, once in a while things fall apart.

This session explores specific ways to ground yourself, come from a place of love, and collaborate with the weirdest, most annoying people.

Additional Notes

This talk was inspired by the stuff that happened after PyCon this year.
Someone actually asked me to submit to Wicked Good Ruby, so I am, though it doesn't seem to be a clear fit for what you're doing. I gather that this conference is mainly looking for technical talks, and further that you don't want talks given elsewhere. ('<-to make vim shut up about the open quote which is actually an apostrophe.) I expect versions of this talk to happen in August at Steel City Ruby and at Distill in SF. In some sense, all my talks are repeats of "bringing love into your work" and none of them are repeats, ever.

What it's not: This is not a "how to be more welcoming to women & people of color" talk. It's also not "here's the one right way to behave" and it's not "how to tell who's right and who's wrong". It's about growing as nerds and as people.