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RubyMotion: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

by Jeremy Weiskotten


RubyMotion revolutionizes the way we build native iOS apps. We can use the development tools we're most comfortable with while leveraging the power and expressiveness of Ruby.

RubyMotion is continuously improving and the open source ecosystem is strong and growing. But like any new technology, it's not all roses. Experienced Ruby developers may have preconceived notions, misconceptions, and false assumptions about RubyMotion is and what it can do. I'll discuss what works well, where the tools can improve, and what bothers me the most with an eye towards improving the toolchain and ecosystem.

Additional Notes

We're building a few new iOS apps at Terrible Labs with RubyMotion. As seasoned Ruby and Rails developers, with some painful history in building iOS apps with Objective-C as well as HTML5 apps with PhoneGap/Cordova, we're excited about the future of RubyMotion. We'd love to share what we've learned with the community.