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Practical Guide to Testing for RubyMotion

by Johnny Winn


RubyMotion is a powerful framework that allows Ruby developers the ability to leverage their skill set to develop native iOS applications. Although the platform has changed, the principles of craftsmanship have to be upheld so learning how to test in this new environment is essential to delivering quality to clients. What are the testing tools? How do you use them? What are the tips and tricks? This practical guide will answer these questions as well as provide direction for Ruby developers willing to explore RubyMotion but unwilling to compromise craftsmanship.

Additional Notes

As Agile consultants, it is imperative that we deliver high quality applications that can be flexible to change. The benefits of testing go far beyond the initial deliverable to provide a safety net when adding new functionality. As the need for iOS development increases across the industry and tools like RubyMotion gain popularity, our testing process needs to evolve to meet our clients' needs and adapt to the changing tools.