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Better Ruby with lessons from other languages

by Mario A. Chavez


As developers we use to stick to the same programming language for a while, this is specially true for languages like Ruby that are so easy and flexible to work on; but, not looking at what other languages can do for us, prevents us from learning and finding new and different ways to solve a problem.

I love Ruby and enjoy a lot working with it, but it is also true that from time to time I take a look at other languages and try to find new elements to bring to my day-to-day development on Ruby.

In this talk I'll show you how and what we can learn from languages following a different paradigm than the one existing in Ruby, and how we can use that knowledge in Ruby. We can see this as an opportunity to renew what we know about Ruby and challenge our development skills.

Here you will find a blog post that I wrote a few months ago about this particular issue. Also, here is a link to a lightning talk presentation that I had at Crowd Interactive. The blog post and the presentation talk about why we should strive to learn new languages, but they do not show how exactly it is that you can use this learning in Ruby, and that is what my proposed talk will do.

Additional Notes

I am a consultant at Crowd Interactive, we are focused on working with Ruby projects for our clients, but sometimes our client projects poses challenges that feel like only they can only be solved with brute force in Ruby, so here is where understanding new ways to solve the same problems can benefit in a better and cleaner solution.