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JRuby: Insights from Six Years in Production

by Mark Menard


JRuby is the primary alternative implementation of Ruby available. With support for native threads, excellent garbage collection, and the introduction of Invoke Dynamic it has grown into a formidable platform. So, what can JRuby do for you? Learn how JRuby differs from MRI, how JRuby supports parallelism, how to use Java libraries from JRuby, how to use Ruby from Java and more. Java no longer means just the language anymore, the JVM is an excellent place to host Ruby applications.

Additional Notes

My team and I have been using JRuby in production since August of 2008 starting with JRuby 1.1.2 and Rails 2.1. We have integrated JRuby and our Rails application with existing an existing Java Struts 2 application that uses JPA/Hibernate and Spring. Bringing Ruby and Rails into our JVM environment allowed flexibility in picking the best tool for the job, while maintaining compatibility with our legacy code base.

My speaker bio:

Mark Menard is the founder of Enable Labs, a boutique consulting firm, in Troy, NY, specializing in product develoment, business productity and problem solving. Mark recently did the Intro to Ruby and Rails at LosAngeles Ruby Conf, and has spoken on Ruby at several events including BarCamp Albany and CodeCamp Albany. He has also spoken on Software Patents at TEDxAlbany in 2010. Mark frequently presents on Ruby issues at the TechValley Ruby Brigade; and does training sessions covering Ruby, Rails, refactoring, test/behavior driven development, and other software development topics.

Mark used to be a Java developer and caught the dynamic language bug when he started coding in Groovy and then discovered Ruby. Since then he has added iOS development using Objective-C, Ruby's twin separated at birth.