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Outside-In Testing

by Nick Gauthier

As a freelancer I'm often tasked with creating high quality web applications quickly while keeping the budget razor thin. In my experience, the absolute best bang-for-your-buck style of development has been BDD from the outside-in via acceptance tests. With acceptance tests you can quickly and accurately determine the minimum code necessary to fit the requirements of an application while achieving high code coverage and resilience to refactoring. By their very nature acceptance tests are the the simplest kinds of tests to write since they are expressed in the language of an end-user. In this talk we'll implement a feature from the outside-in, explaining the reasoning behind every step.

Additional Notes

This talk goes beyond "how do I capybara on my rails?" and aspires to convey the mentality of a pragmatic TDDing programmer. I hope to enlighten people who are having trouble understanding the TDD mindset and also to share what I believe is a user-centric and highly efficient coding style.