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Sustainable BDD

by Matt Parker and Robbie Clutton


The BDD hype cycle is over. Recently, there’s been a lot of backlash against popular BDD libraries like Cucumber. Some developers blame their test frameworks for brittle test suites and long build times. Others go so far as to claim that acceptance testing is simply not sustainable, period.

In this talk, we’ll do some root cause analysis of this phenomenon with shocking results - it’s not the test framework, it’s not the methodology, it’s you. You’ve abused your test framework, you’ve cargo-culted the methodology, and now you’re feeling the pain.

We’ll show you a way out of the mess you’ve made. We’ll discuss the main problems BDD was intended to solve. We’ll show you how to groom your test suite tests in order to address build times. We’ll teach how to mitigate against brittleness and flickers, and how to let your tests reveal the intent of the application and actually become the executable documentation we’ve been waiting for.



Matt Parker

Matt Parker

Over the past five years, Matt Parker has practiced BDD and collaborative specification by example at a variety of companies - from a multinational financial corporation spanning the globe and employing 80,000 people, to a self-funded two person startup. He's made all of the mistakes there are to make, but thankfully learned a thing or two along the way. He's now an agile consultant at Pivotal Labs where he helps clients get the most out of BDD.

Robbie Clutton

Robbie Clutton

Robbie has been making phones ring, building clouds and making websites since 2005. He has been fortunate enough to have been practicing agile that whole time and moved to New York from London to join Pivotal Labs in early 2012 where he started working with Ruby and Rails.