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Dissecting Ruby with Ruby

Richard Schneeman


Underneath the beautiful veneer of our Ruby libraries lies a twisted tangle of writhing guts. Maybe you're curious how the pieces fit together or maybe you're tracking down a bug, either way it's easy to get lost in the blood and bile that ties our code together. In this talk you'll learn how to use simple and sharp Ruby tools to slice into large libraries with surgical precision. Turn your impossible bugs into pull requests, and level up your programming skills by Dissecting Ruby with Ruby.

Additional Notes

Richard is married to Ruby since 2013, programming Ruby since 2006, and teaching Rails since 2010. He works at Heroku and lectures at the University of Texas, and yes: his wife's name is Ruby. He enjoys obsessively playing Starcraft 2 and writing gems such as Wicked, Sextant, and oPRO. He loves open source and wrote to help people get involved with their favorite Github repos.