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Client Side Bliss with Ember.js

by Steve Faulkner


Ruby and its community have two critical tenants, programmer happiness and convention over configuration. I struggled to find those same traits in javascript frameworks...until I found Ember. In this talk, I will show you how Ember is making client side apps a joy to develop. I'll take a look at the ember core library and break down a simple app. I'll then make some comparisons to rails so you can see the differences and similarities to server side code. Finally, I'll introduce you to Ember Data, the next evolution of how client side apps talk to their server APIs.

Additional Notes

Javascript is becoming a critical skill for most ruby web developers. But the water's are hard to navigate with a new JS framework being released every week. I think Ember fits right in the Ruby community's style of doing things, so I would like to demonstrate that to the attendees of Wicked Good Ruby Conf