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MagLev: Ruby With an Image

by Steven R. Baker


MagLev is a fast, stable, 64-bit open source implementation of the Ruby programming language.

MagLev offers a complete Ruby implementation, on a fast and solid VM, and includes a scalable object database. In this talk, you'll learn how to transparently store real objects, how to leverage fast and mature Smalltalk libraries in your Ruby applications, and how to deploy applications written on one of the most mature virtual machines in use today.

Additional Notes

Talks about MagLev and demonstrations of some of its cool features have been sweethearts at Ruby conferences in the past. There is always lots of excitement, but it often falls flat because people don't consider it "production ready." My team has recently successfully deployed an application to production on MagLev. MagLev's time to be taken seriously has come.

I've spoken a few times at user groups, and at Ruby conferences, about our specific usages of MagLev at VersaPay. This talk is completely different: I'll be exploring the technical details of the implementation, language interoperability, and how to actually deploy and manage running applications.


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