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adds Redis the Ruby Way by Simeon Simeonov @ Swoop

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+# High-Performance Redis the Ruby Way #
+## by Simeon Simeonov ##
+### Abstract ###
+[Redis]( is fast, real fast but do your Ruby apps use Redis well? At this talk you'll learn advanced techniques for getting the most out of Redis:
+- How to lower memory consumption by 80+% by aligning your Ruby & Redis data structures
+- How to increase throughput by 2-4x through parallelization & pipelining
+- How to easily do advanced Redis scripting using a soon-to-be-released gem developed at [Swoop](
+These techniques in production use in Swoop's large-scale analytics and optimization systems.
+This talk is for Rubyists who care about beautiful code and high-performance, real-time systems.
+### Additional Notes ###
+The talk is never before released content that shares that we've learned about pushing Redis to its limits. When we started using Redis as the core of our real-time analytics & optimization system we learned the hard way that there is a big difference between using Redis from Ruby and using Redis from Ruby really well. By the time of the conference we'll be ready to release our Redis scripting gem, which has saved the day more than once at Swoop.
+I am the founder & CTO of Swoop, a search advertising platform. I built my first Rails app back in 2005 and Ruby has been my main programming language for the past several years. A long time ago, I was the chief architect of the team that built the first Web application server (ColdFusion). We ran some of the largest sites on the Net: from Priceline to MySpace. In between I've started half-a-dozen companies and invested in many more.
+## Social ##
+* [](Swoop)
+* [](blog)
+* [](@simeons)
+* [](GitHub)
+* [](LinkedIn)
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