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+# Is Postgres the future of Open SQL #
+## by Harold Giménez ##
+### Abstract ###
+Most ruby and Rails :tm: developers use an SQL database
+to let their objects rest until they're needed again.
+Oftentimes, this database is Postgres.
+This talk will arm you with general knowledge to be used
+to more efficiently utilize PostgreSQL to fulfill your
+application's OLTP load and reporting.
+Basically what are some amazing postgres features that make it so sweet,
+ and a bit of history on the project. It covers:
+* How postgres does durability
+* How you as a user can balance between durability and performance
+* Advanced query constructs: CTEs, Window functions in particular
+* Advanced data types
+* Advanced indexing techniques
+* Extensions and how/why it's the future of databases
+* How postgres handles concurrency and how you can control that
+You will leave this talk with a sampling of what features are
+available to you from Postgres when you hit your next
+complex data needs.
+### Additional Notes ###
+I haven't had Dunkin' Donuts coffee in a while :coffee:
+## Social ##
+* [](blog)
+* [](@hgmnz)
+* [](GitHub)

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