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Joshua Ballanco - RubyMotion: Under the Hood

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+# RubyMotion: Under the Hood #
+## by Joshua Ballanco ##
+### Abstract ###
+By now you probably know that RubyMotion is a new toolchain that lets you use
+familiar Ruby techniques to develop applications for iOS...but do you know what
+makes it tick? How is RubyMotion different from toolchains such as PhoneGap or
+Titanium? What does it mean to say that RubyMotion is implemented "on top of
+the Objective-C runtime"? And how the heck do I debug RubyMotion anyway?
+I will attempt to answer these questions, and more, by looking deep into the
+underpinnings of RubyMotion. Along the way, I'll give a bit of an overview of
+the history of RubyMotion, and maybe even a glimpse at its future.
+### Additional Notes ###
+In the past I gave two relatively well receieved talks on MacRuby to the
+Boston.rb group, and both times I was asked "What about MacRuby on iOS?" In both
+cases, I had promised to give a follow-up presentation at "some point in the
+future". This would be that talk, taking the same approach I did in those talks
+of looking at the technology from the bottom up. This talk will be less of a
+tutorial, and more of a deep dive into the heart of RubyMotion itself.
+## Social ##
+* [](
+* [@manhattanmetric](
+* [jballanc on GitHub](

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