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Mike Desjardins' talk proposal.

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+# Rails Sojourn: One Man's Journey #
+## Mike Desjardins ##
+### Abstract ###
+With several spawling, monolithic Rails apps under my belt, I had the
+opportunity to go a different route. Bulging models, obtuse controllers, and
+views chock full of logic were my world. When I came up for air, all the cool
+kids were writing thick clients with svelte backends. Perhaps Sinatra and
+some hip Javascript framework were the way? Here's what I learned...
+### Additional Notes ###
+I started my career writing assembly language firmware for disk drives. Since
+then I've done C, some C++, then some SQL and Java, and for the past several
+years, I've been a Rubyist. Given that background, I really don't consider
+myself to be a "Ruby Expert." I've presented talks at various events, but this
+would be my first Ruby talk.
+I've led a few teams for large-ish Rails projects from their inception to
+production support. When I and a few developers had some downtime for an
+internal project, we decided to try out Sinatra and Angular. Here are some of
+the challenges we ran into:
+- How do we set up a project?
+- What do we do for an ORM?
+- Reading more source
+- Wait, JSON parameters used to "just work," what now?
+- OK, what is Rack really?
+- Oh, we need to worry about sessions too?
+- Yikes! Yeah, security, we probably need that.
+- You know, debugging this is a pain, what can we do about loggin?
+- CORS with Rack, the lowdown on that.
+## Social ##
+* [](
+* [@mdesjardins](
+* [GitHub](

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