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Improving Acceptance Testing with Page Objects

Proposal for Wicked Good Ruby by Josh Clayton
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+# Improving Acceptance Testing with Page Objects #
+## by Josh Clayton ##
+### Abstract ###
+While following red/green/refactor in application code is great, developers
+often forget tests are code too and need to be refactored as such. Page
+Objects provide a layer of abstraction throughout tests which simplify
+interaction through well-named methods and good object-orientation; this
+pattern allows developers to manage dependencies, selectors, and leverage
+RSpec's matcher syntax to write clean, focused tests which encapsulate DOM
+interaction and page concepts concisely. This talk will cover the progression
+of existing code bases to use Page Objects, Page Objects' benefits and practical
+applications, and why Page Objects will improve your acceptance tests.
+### Additional Notes ###
+I wrote a brief introduction on Page Objects within the context of a Rails
+application recently [on the thoughtbot
+In this talk, I will briefly discuss how Cucumber and Gherkin were used "back
+in the day" to write acceptance tests and how we have been migrating towards
+more abstract tests with RSpec and Capybara. With this foundation laid, I will
+introduce Page Objects and their benefits, how I discovered them through a
+progression of refactoring my tests, how to refactor existing tests using Page
+Objects, and patterns that emerged after migrating test suites to use this
+pattern. Finally, I will cover caveats, tricks to using Page Objects
+effectively, and when to avoid using Page Objects.
+## Social ##
+* [](
+* [@joshuaclayton](
+* [GitHub](

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