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+# Have you ever...faked it?
+## Harlow Ward
+### Abstract
+Whether working in Rails, Sinatra, or Ruby command-line applications most
+projects will interact with data from outside sources. This could come in the
+form of a Payment Gateway, Social Network, or a 3rd party CRM.
+It is important to remove interactions with external services while running
+tests. Removing external requests will help alleviate the following scenarios:
+* Slow tests due to external HTTP requests.
+* Hitting production APIs with test data.
+* Developing against a web service that doesn't exist yet.
+We'll discuss, and demonstrate the use of Mocking, Stubbing,
+and creating Fake Services. These techniques will keep our test suites
+running fast, and ensure we're always testing in isolation.
+### Additional Notes
+I'm a Ruby on Rails developer at [thoughtbot](, Co-author of
+[Ruby Science](, and Co-presenter of the
+[TDD Intro Track]( at RailsConf 2013.
+This will be my first time giving this talk and I'm really excited about the topic.
+I think its an important part of testing our applications, and I'm super enthusiastic
+about the idea of sharing techniques with the community.
+## Social
+* [](
+* [@futuresanta](
+* [GitHub](

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