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+# Python for Ruby Programmers
+## by Mike Leone
+### Abstract
+You've probably heard of Python, the _other_ popular, dynamic, multi-paradigm
+programming language. It occupies much of the same space as Ruby, has many
+similar language features, and the syntax even looks pretty similar. But what
+are the specific strengths and weaknesses of Python when compared to Ruby? What
+use cases are conducive to one language versus the other?
+In this talk, we look at similarities and differences in the design of each
+language, exploring how they affect application development and maintenance.
+Later, we look at some specific problem domains (web development, scientific
+programming, etc) and show how much traction each language has for those
+### Additional Notes
+In this talk, I'll show you that (a) jumping between Ruby and Python is very
+easy, and that (b) learning Python will make you a better Ruby Programmer.
+This is a new version of my "Python for Ruby Programmers" talk. It was first
+presented at Los Angeles RubyConf 2013, and it made the front page of Hacker
+News. I received lots of useful feedback from that; this version features
+better material for advanced programmers and better idiomatic code samples.
+## Social
+* [My blog](
+* [@facebiff on Twitter](
+* [mleone on GitHub](

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