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How Exploring Other Languages Made Me a Better Rubyist

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+# How Exploring Other Languages Made Me a Better Rubyist
+## by Justin Campbell ##
+### Abstract ###
+Justin loves Ruby. He's only been paid to write code in Ruby (and maybe JavaScript). But there are so many other languages out there, and they all have strengths, weaknesses, and very different communities surrounding them. Is Java really that bad? Is functional programming as awesome as it's claimed to be? Can you actually write anything useful in Prolog?
+In this presentation, Justin will discuss how he came up with his own "Hello World", and his experiences writing it in many languages. We'll start with an example app in Ruby, and look at how these languages and frameworks do things differently than a Rubyist might be used to. We'll talk about the languages he discovered to be his new favorites, and how he returned with a newfound love for Ruby and OO.
+### Additional Notes ###
+I have not given this talk anywhere else yet.
+## Social #
+* [](
+* [@justincampbell](
+* [GitHub](

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