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Programming Expertly Amid Corps & Enterprises

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+# PEACE: Programming Expertly Amid Corporations & Enterprises #
+## by Steven Haddox ##
+### Abstract ###
+Everyone casts the "Enterprise" as the most horrid place in the world to be a Ruby developer, and they used to be right. How does a Rubyist trying to stay current work in a confined and archaic environment with strict security restrictions? You do everything other Rubyists do, but you do it without sudo and from source. Together we'll identify the best open source self-hosted options for agile managment, provisioning, git hosting, error tracking, CI, isolated RVM, metrics, central logging, and security. As a bonus, you'll learn how to automate the setup of all these tools as much as possible without sudo privileges.
+### Additional Notes ###
+Steven has been a web developer and server admin for over a decade. He has been using Ruby since 2008 and has spent the majority of his career working within the confines of corporate LANs. His frustrations and pain points have led him to create [RVM::FW]( and currently [SUPPORT]( to help aid Rubyists struggling with getting their projects off the ground so that they can simply write code.
+## Social ##
+* [](Personal Site)
+* [](@stevenhaddox)
+* [](GitHub)

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