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Sinatra Prime

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+# Sinatra Prime
+## by Zachary Scott
+### Abstract
+Have you tried Sinatra yet? I will bet that you've at least heard of it, or made a small app before.
+Suited for the Ruby newbies and Sinatra pros alike, this talk will help you surpass common pitfalls and get your app ready for primetime.
+The most common concerns are testing, scaling, and organizing your Sinatra app.
+Allow me to show you a bit of magic that will help your app stand the test of time.
+Ruby-core member Zachary Scott is a long time contributor to Sinatra, and author of the Sinatra recipes project.
+### Additional Notes ###
+I look forward to seeing you all in October!
+## Social ##
+* [](@_zzak)
+* [](GitHub)
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