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+Using Ruby to Automate Your Life
+by Seth Vargo
+### Abstract
+You probably use Ruby everyday, so why not use Ruby to automate some common tasks?
+What if you could spin up an EC2 instance and have it automatically configure your
+web server, database, users, and more? What if you could effectively capture and
+replicate your production environments reliably and consistently? What if you could
+then give developers production-like environments as Virtual Machines, with no
+additional work? What if you could set up your new laptop with multiple Ruby versions,
+your favorite software, and even change the desktop background - from a single command?
+The good news is - you can!
+Chef is a configuration management and automation tool that solves these problems and
+many more. In this talk, you'll learn common just how easy it is to capture your
+infrastructure in Chef. Save time and money by using Chef's Ruby DSL to "define" your
+How many times have you bought a new laptop and realize just how much stuff you
+installed over the years? If you're using Chef, run a single command and all your
+favorite Applications, Preferences, and even passwords are back in place. And the best
+part - because Chef is written in Ruby, you get to continue using the language you love!
+### Additional Notes
+Disclaimer: I work for Opscode, but this is not a sales pitch. I'm demonstrating a tool
+that can save time and money. Plus is really fun!
+I think this talk is really valuable information to Rubyist. Many similar Ruby conferences
+(like Mountain West) have created a separate track for "DevOps". This new movement is
+really gaining light in the community and I think showcasing a tool in the DevOps
+world would be a nice change of pace.
+### About
+Seth has been a Ruby developer for more than 5 years. Although a recent graduate of
+Carnegie Mellon, Seth has been involved in the Ruby community for quite some time.
+He as written projects such as bootstrap_forms and powify. He recently became involved
+in the Chef community, contributing to Chef core and writing/maintaining open source
+tools like berkshelf, fauxhai, chefspec, strainer, and more. He also maintains a variety
+of popular community cookbooks and regularly hangs out in IRC, Twitter, and github.
+### Social
+- [@sethvargo](
+- [GitHub](
+- [](
+- [TDDing tmux](
+- [Unsucking Ruby Exceptions](
+- [Chef Cookbook Testing](

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