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+# Bloom: A language for disorderly distributed programming #
+## by Christopher Meiklejohn ##
+### Abstract ###
+Traditional programming languages use a model of computation where
+individual instructions are executed in order. However, when building
+distributed systems this model fails to match the reality of how your
+application code is actually executed. Bloom is a language which allows
+programmers to build applications as a series of unordered statements
+while also providing facilities for imposing a particular ordering of
+events when necessary.
+During this talk we will explore building applications in Bud, which is
+a prototype of Bloom implemented as a domain specific language in Ruby.
+We will discuss the concepts of logical monotonicity, disorderly
+collections, the CALM principle which is the root of the Bloom language,
+and how to use he Bloom language to identify critical sections of your
+code where a coordiation library should be used to ensure consistency.
+### Additional Notes ###
+Christopher Meiklejohn is a Software Engineer with Basho Technologies, Inc.
+where he focuses on building rich web applications for Riak using Erlang and
+JavaScript. Before joining Basho, he worked at Swipely, a loyalty program
+startup based in Providence where he maintained critical infrastructure
+components written in Ruby. Christopher currently serves as one of the
+maintainers of
+Christopher speaks frequently at meetups about JavaScript and Rich Internet
+Applications, co-organized DowncityJS, and has most recently spoken at Web
+Unleashed '12 and Clojure/West '13. Christopher is also a graduate student in
+computer science at Brown University, in Providence RI.
+## Social ##
+* [](@cmeik)
+* [](GitHub)

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