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+# Scaling Ruby Development for Healthcare #
+## by Kevin Shekleton and Nathan Beyer ##
+### Abstract ###
+At Cerner, we build healthcare software in a highly regulated and heterogeneous environment. Today, Ruby is a core component of our architecture, powering healthcare applications and services written by over two hundred developers. Our current state is the result of a three year evolution to grow adoption of Ruby that still continues to this day.
+In this talk, will walk you through the steps we took to demonstrate a peaceful coexistence with our existing technology stack that ultimately lead to leadership and developer buy-in. We will also discuss how we maintained adherence to a structured development process that requires documentation and testing evidence with minimal developer friction. And finally, we will cover how we grew our developer community to one of hundreds of happy and productive Ruby developers.
+### Additional Notes ###
+This is a joint talk by Kevin Shekleton and Nathan Beyer.
+Nathan Beyer is a Distinguished Engineer at Cerner. Nathan is currently the Principal Architect for Population Health solutions and utilizing Ruby and Rails for applications, services and automation. Nathan is also a member of the Apache Software Foundation where he’s contributed to various projects.
+Kevin Shekleton is a Distinguished Engineer at Cerner. At Cerner, he serves as the Principal Architect for their mobile applications, using Ruby and Rails to provide the data and services for the apps. A true geek at heart, he is passionate about programming, comic books, and classic video games.
+## Social ##
+* [@kpshek](
+* [GitHub](
+* [@nbeyer](
+* [Github](

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