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Chris Nelson is submitting a proposal to talk about JRuby

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+# Have your cake and eat it too with JRuby #
+## Chris Nelson ##
+### Abstract ###
+Ruby is a language specifically designed to make programmers happy. But when it's too slow, handles concurrency poorly, or doesn't give us adequate performance optimization tools, that makes us sad. Come hear about how JRuby can turn your frown upside down. With examples taken from real world experience, hear about how JRuby can:
+ * Leverage java specific APIs (in ruby!) to get needed performance on your "hot spots"
+ * Figure out exactly how much memory your code is using, down to the level of "this object is using this many bytes"
+ * Do background and parallel processing with trivial amounts of effort
+The bottom line is you don't have to ditch ruby to get the performance you need -- and be happy doing it!
+### Additional Notes ###
+Chris Nelson is a software developer who hails from the fair city of Cincinnati, Ohio. Though originally a violin performance major, he has been developing web applications for about 15 years and is passionate about finding better ways to do so. He's spoken at most of the major and ruby and java conferences and helped found Gaslight as place for people to enjoy building amazing things together.
+## Social ##
+* [](Gaslight)
+* [](@superchris)
+* [](superchris)

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