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Terrific Tree Frogs Message Board

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This React/Redux app is a message board allowing anonymous users to post, edit, remove, and comment. It was created using Create React App and depends on the Udacity backend in reactnd-project-readable-starter. It's the second project for the Udacity React Nanodegree.


Clone the repository.

git clone

Install and start the API backend server.

cd backend
npm install
npm start

Install project dependencies and start the app.

cd frontend
npm install
npm start

Your browser should automatically open to the correct page.


Design Notes

This is an extremely simple message board that allows pseudonymous posting and commenting. The app stores posts, comments, and categories on the backend server and uses the ReadableAPI calls to access the data.

Our Redux store is split into two parts for a categories object and a posts object, but the backend stores posts and comments separately. When we get the posts, we chain getting the comments and sort each comment (which has a parentid that matches a post's id) so our store's posts object contains its own comments.

This saves us a further API call when loading a post, but it means getting all the posts for the index view could suffer later on once we had a ton of posts.

The code uses ES6 features and extensively depends on the higher-order .map and .filter functions.

Future Improvements

  • Support uploading images
  • Fix hard-coded category rendering logic