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Website collecting my favorite werewolf films
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This one-page website is dynamically generated by the Python module in from the toptwelve.json file which contains the title, year of release, plot summary, poster art, and trailer link of my top twelve favorite werewolf films.

View the Site

The finished site is public at and the source code is available in the dist folder.

View the Site Locally

Fork and/or clone the repository to your local machine:

git clone

Open your browser of choice and use its version of File > Open to view the page in Werewolf-Films/dist/index.html.

Rebuild and View the Site Locally

Fork and/or clone the repository to your local machine and change directory:

git clone
cd Werewolf-Films

The site is serving static images locally from the dist/img folder and it uses the Skeleton files in dist/css. Running the following command will update the dist/index.html file and open a web browser to view the page.


To change the list of movies, edit the toptwelve.json file and re-run that command.

The module looks for each JSON entry to have a Title, Year, Plot, Poster, and Trailer entry. The poster images are sourced from dist/img/ but you can change the Poster string to be a web address so it will be served from the web.

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