Google AppEngine Initializer

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GAE Initializer Project

What ?

Google AppEngine initializer project provides Wicket's org.apache.wicket.IInitializer implementation that auto-configures the Wicket Application to be runable at Google AppEngine.

Why ?

Google AppEngine has many restrictions which prevent using many functionalities from the JDK - such as Threads, AWT/SWING, extending serialization, etc. For this reason your Wicket application should avoid using these functionalities.


Just put wicketstuff-gae-initializer.jar in the classpath and Wicket will use it automatically.

Maven Artifacts

  • wicketstuff-gae-initializer
  • wicketstuff-gae-initializer-examples


Maven Stable

    <version>[YOUR WICKET VERSION HERE]</version>



Apache 2.0.


Martin Grigorov