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In Method Grid Project

A data grid component with the following features:

  • Fully Ajaxified
  • Editable cells
  • Pageable
  • OSGi-ready

Here is how it might look:

A possible alternative to this component are the Wicket Stuff DataTables and EditableGrid components.

Maven Artifacts

  • inmethod-grid-parent
  • inmethod-grid
  • inmethod-grid-examples


Maven Stable

Since version 1.5-RC5.1.1:

Prior version 1.5-RC5.1.1:

Maven Development




        final List<Person> personList = ... ;
        final listDataProvider = new ListDataProvider(personList);

        List<IGridColumn> cols = (List) Arrays.asList(
            new PropertyColumn(new Model("First Name"), "firstName"),
            new PropertyColumn(new Model("Last Name"), "lastName"));
        DataGrid grid = new DefaultDataGrid("grid", new DataProviderAdapter(listDataProvider), cols);


<div wicket:id="grid"></div>

Project Maintainers

Matej Knopp

Source Code

core-1.4.x Branch (depends on wicket 1.4-SNAPSHOT)

Path is: /jdk-1.5-parent/inmethod-grid-parent

core-1.5.x Branch (depends on wicket 1.5-SNAPSHOT)

Path is: /jdk-1.5-parent/inmethod-grid-parent

master Branch (depends on wicket 6.0-SNAPSHOT)

Path is: /jdk-1.6-parent/inmethod-grid-parent

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