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Download 27.9.17 32-bit Intel Mac OS X 10.6 Here

Download 27.9.17 64-bit Intel Mac OS X 10.6 Here

Download 64-bit Intel Mac OS X 10.7+ Here. If you have 10.7 or higher i recommend the unofficial builds of Pale Moon 28 or Basilisk as both offer better web compatibility than what we can offer with Arctic Fox at this time.

Download 27.9.17 32-bit PowerPC G3/G4/G5 (Ubuntu16/Debian9) Linux Here

Download 27.9.17 64-bit PowerPC (Fedora/OpenSUSE) Linux (contributed by xeno74) Here

Contributed builds for PowerPC Debian8/9 - Ubuntu16/14/12/10 found Here

Add-ons, extensions and themes can be found Here

arcticfox32bit.png 32-bit Mac OS X 10.6

ppc32 linux screen shot 32-bit PowerPC Linux

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