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Action Description Resource Condition
cloudhsm:CreateLunaClient Creates an HSM client. * -
cloudhsm:CreateHapg Creates a high-availability partition group. * -
cloudhsm:CreateHsm Creates an uninitialized HSM instance. * -
cloudhsm:DeleteLunaClient Deletes a client. * -
cloudhsm:DeleteHapg Deletes a high-availability partition group. * -
cloudhsm:DeleteHsm Deletes an HSM. * -
cloudhsm:DescribeLunaClient Retrieves information about an HSM client. * -
cloudhsm:DescribeHapg Retrieves information about a high-availability partition group. * -
cloudhsm:DescribeHsm Retrieves information about an HSM. * -
cloudhsm:GetConfig Gets the configuration files necessary to connect to all high availability partition groups the client is associated with. * -
cloudhsm:ListAvailableZones Lists the Availability Zones that have available AWS CloudHSM capacity. * -
cloudhsm:ListLunaClients Lists all of the clients. * -
cloudhsm:ListHapgs Lists the high-availability partition groups for the account. * -
cloudhsm:ListHsms Retrieves the identifiers of all of the HSMs provisioned for the current customer. * -
cloudhsm:ModifyLunaClient Modifies the certificate used by the client. * -
cloudhsm:ModifyHapg Modifies an existing high-availability partition group. * -
cloudhsm:ModifyHsm Modifies an HSM. * -
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